Mr Singh (Gloucester Road)

“I have worked with City Rental Services with many years and would highly recommend them if you need your student or professional property letting. In the Bristol area. Their service is outstanding.”

John Hickey, Bristol Landlord

“I have been a landlord in Bristol for 28 years and have rented my properties through City Rental Services for most of that time. I find their staff helpful and ready to do that little bit extra to ensure that both landlords and tenants are happy with the service provided.

They are usually able to come up with solutions to the inevitable issues that present themselves to tenants and landlords over the course of the year, and whilst being independent they invariably are able to make both parties feel as though they got a result!”

Bob Jennings OBE, Bristol Landlord

“Like many landlords I have been ‘spinning plates’ for too long. Running around in ever decreasing circles trying to sustain a successful business, that takes me all over the UK, as well as acting as a responsible landlord to my student tenants in Bristol. 

The fact that I’ve managed to do both is due entirely to the efficiency, professionalism and support of Sue Powell and her exceptional team at City Rental Services. 

It’s always a real pleasure to pop into the office to witness the team using all their skill, humour and experience to get the result all landlords require, namely, matching the right tenants with the right landlord in the right property whilst ensuring rents are paid on time. 

I can’t count the number of times that Sue’s team have pulled a ‘rabbit out of the hat’ for me – from finding that elusive plumber, to pacifying the concerned parent, to cajoling the reluctant tenant to pay up. They’ve got the lot. City Rental Services may not be the biggest, but they are certainly the best. 

Try them!

Mr C J Miller, Bristol Landlord

“As a private landlord, I have been tremendously impressed with the service CRS offers. They cover all aspects of letting with professionalism and efficiency, including high quality and broad spectrum advertising to comprehensive administrative back up, giving peace of mind and security to both landlord and tenants alike. 

CRS also take the time to gain a personal knowledge of each property on their books, and their tenants’ requirements: this greatly assists with the lettings. 

I have been very appreciative of their help and support when difficulties arise, as well as their extensive contacts within the Bristol area to assist with maintaining properties. 

I have no hesitation in recommending them to landlords or prospective tenants as a first-call Letting Agency.